High Volume Fly Ash Concrete

We use fly ash in our products to reduce the content of OPC (ordinary Portland cement) and make it more environment friendly. In case of normal concrete about 35% of OPC is replaced by fly ash. This also adds durability to the concrete and needs lower maintenance.

HVFC concrete has all the attributes of high-performance concrete: excellent

mechanical properties and superior durability, it comproses of High Volumes of Fly Ash, superplasticizer, Low water content, Low portland cement content. This producst is an environment-friendly, high performance, durable concrete, designed to build sustainable structures.


  • Reduction in heat of hydration and thus reduction of thermal cracks and
  • improves soundness of concrete mass.
  • Improved workability / pumpabilty of concrete
  • Converting released lime from hydration of OPC into additional binding material – contributing additional strength to concrete mass.
  • Pore refinement and grain refinement due to reaction between fly ash and liberated lime improves impermeability.
  • Improved impermeability of concrete mass increases resistance against ingress of moisture and harmful gases result in increased durability.
  • Reduced requirement of cement for same strength thus reduced cost of concrete


  • Quicker unloading of ready-mixed trucks and faster casting rates. This results in faster construction.
  • Eliminates durability issues due to over-consolidation and poor surface finishes
  • Reduction in energy consumption by avoiding the need for external vibration.
  • Reduction in labour and equipment costs, which can streamline construction processes.
  • Improved aesthetics.


  • All challenging specialist applications
  • Complex reinforced formwork
  • Bespoke design solutions
  • In buildings: columns, walls, beams, slabs, panels
  • In civil engineering: high walls, tunnels, roads, airport hard standings, rail possession
  • In precast facilities: beams, panels, specific elements

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