Coloured / Stamped Concrete

Ahuja coloured concrete range can add a whole new dimension to your project. It can be used wherever conventional concrete is specified and can be colour-matched to blend with the surrounding area or help your project stand out from the crowd. The coloured concrete range of high quality ready-mixed concretes is available nationally in a range of standard colours – or we can produce a bespoke mix to your exact requirements. Coloured concrete provides a permanent, cost-effective alternative to decorative surface coatings and brings colour and texture to a wide range of structures – from footpaths, flooring and facades to skate parks, shopping centres and sea defences.

Coloured / Stamped Concrete

When most people think about concrete construction, they picture unfinished basements and ugly utilitarian structures like prisons and parking garages. But there is no reason for concrete construction to be unattractive. Through the magic of stamped concrete from Ahuja Decorative Concrete homeowners can enjoy all the practical benefits of concrete, such as strength and durability, as well as the aesthetic benefits of a beautiful and customized building material. We are Noida’s stamped concrete experts, so if you are planning to install a stamped concrete surface, or if you have any questions about how stamped concrete can work to improve your property, feel free to give us a call. We will be happy to answer any questions you have!

What is stamped concrete?

Stamped concrete is concrete that has been shaped, patterned, and coloured to resemble something other than just plain concrete. This shaping is generally done with moulds and stamps that are pressed into the wet concrete before it dries. Stamped concrete can be shaped to resemble a huge number of other building materials including brick, natural stone, ceramic tile, or even wood. It is ideal for beautifying driveways, patios, pool decks, walkways, and any other concrete surface.

Is stamped concrete expensive?

While stamped concrete is not the least expensive option to install, like all other concrete construction it is extremely cost effective over time. Because concrete is extremely durable, strong, and long lasting, you can expect your stamped concrete to keep looking beautiful, year after year with only minimal maintenance. Additionally, because it can so convincingly mimic other materials like stone, it is generally much less expensive to install a quality stamped concrete surface than it would be to install the material it is replacing.


  • Limitless colour options
  • Engineered for multiple uses for Residential homes as well as Civil projects
  • Ready to use concrete
  • Smooth finishing
  • Suitable for all climatic conditions


  • Enhanced design flexibility – decorative and textured finishing techniques and effects
  • Fade resistance – to sun and weather
  • Durable – long lasting with little or no maintenance
  • Wide range of colours available – extensive standard range with bespoke options available
  • SRI (Solar Reflectivity Index) – many colours help to reduce the carbon footprint by allowing for reduced lighting requirements
  • Reduces labour cost and time as it does need additional finishing on it


  • Architectural design – create a feature or tone with the surroundings
  • Public buildings – e.g. museums, showrooms, schools, airports, etc
  • Walkways and cycle paths – brighter colours for safer pedestrians and cyclists
  • Tramways – differentiate between road and tramway
  • Parking – delineate parking bays
  • Leisure – use in skate parks and sports centres
  • Sea defences – complement coastal areas
  • Industrial flooring – demarcation for safer working
  • Domestic – for driveways, patios and domestic use

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