Fibre Reinforced Concrete

Ahuja Concrete has a range of fibre reinforced ready-mix concretes including Polypropylene Fibres, Advanced Polypropylene Fibre, and Steel Fibres .


  • Improves concrete’s resistance to plastic
  • Shrinkage cracking
  • Inhibits formation of micro-cracks due to dimensional change
  • Reduces sedimentation
  • Increased cohesion of the mix
  • No requirement for crack control steel mesh
  • Concrete placement and crack control in ONE operation
  • Reduced bleeding
  • Less expensive (per m2 ) than conventional steel mesh reinforcement


  • No need for crack control wire mesh (therefore material and labour costs reduced)
  • Reduced plastic cracking
  • Impact and abrasion resistant
  • Enhanced surface finish
  • Longer lasting concrete
  • Improved durability & reduced permeability


  • Domestic
  • Agricultural
  • Light Commercial
  • Internal floors, external hard standings and car parks
  • Industrial floors and airports
  • Bridges and other infrastructure
  • Industrial floors
  • Concrete structures
  • External hard standings
  • Heavy duty flooring applications – internal & external
  • Civil engineering applications
  • Joint less floors

Quality Comes First

When it comes to Ready Mix Concrete, quality is one factor that can never be compromised.


Efficiency & Timeliness

Whatever the quantity of our orders, our fleet of delivery vehicles ensures that your RMC is delivered on time.


Focus on Environment

All our factory procedures pass through standard inspection and verification.


100% Client Satisfaction

Every Ahuja Concrete batch is delivered with 100% satisfaction guarantee.