Research Centre

Ahuja Concrete deploys expert quality systems to manage the quality of raw material and efficient raw mix design and cube test results to analyse data statistically. Ahuja Concrete is manufactured at state-of-the-art computerised automatic batching and mixing with contemporary technology.

Homogeneous mixing of concrete is ensured by use of special high-efficiency mixers like pan-type mixers. Well trained and experienced engineers are available at every plant to take care of the quality of concrete.

Ahuja Concrete’s plants comply with stringent requirements of the Quality Scheme.

  • Fully equipped laboratories to carry out various tests on concrete and on constituent raw materials.
  • Concrete mixes of various grades are designed in laboratory as per established procedures to comply with BIS specifications.
  • The Quality assurance systems and procedures implemented by Ahuja concrete monitors every stage of the entire business process. Right from the processing of order, purchase/control of materials and concrete mix design to production, sales, delivery and control of concrete.
  • The quality system is periodically reviewed for improvement on a continual basis.
  • Compressive strength of concrete: Cubes are cast at the plant as well as at the site. Customer can therefore ascertain that the concrete he receives at his site has the designed strength.
  • Durability: Scientifically designed mixes to ensure better durability of the structures.
  • Workability: Slump is tested immediately after the production and at the time of pour. Required slump is ensured.
  • Test Certificates are issued regularly for testing of concrete.