Guaranteed Quality Assurance


This company is one of the few well-known manufacturers of ready mix concrete, which it offers in many different grades and varied compositions, particularly those meant for specific applications. Be it simple homes or high performance dams and bridges, our RMC has to undergo tough and stringent test to ensure flawless performance year on year.

“With rigorous implementation of our quality control processes coupling with a no-compromise policy, we consciously strive to deliver RMC of the best quality ever for we know that many a life depends on it”.


Perfection, consistency and reliability of the BIS standards are followed at Ahuja Concrete. So much so that the measures for testing and quality control which are taken include: A state of the art, fully equipped lab which is run by equally efficient, qualified and experienced people.

Trained field technicians ensure proper quality control measures are implemented and quality assurance is maintained at every stage, right from the input of raw materials to the final output.

Working conditions are temperature controlled so as to negate all effects of weather and ensure reliability like no one can. Compression testing is computerised.

All parameters of the incoming as well as outgoing materials are strictly checked.

Checking and recording of the setting time is done for each batch.

All the above measures are taken so that the manufacturing can be done under controlled conditions with state of the art equipment’s. This ensures that Ahuja Concrete RMC is far more superior, both in reliability and in consistency, to those made with manual batch processes online.