Innovative Products

Ahuja Concrete strives to provide products that are innovative and offer high added value. We understand that customers have specific expectations of materials suppliers, so we are constantly striving for new architectural and structural solutions that can have a positive and sustainable impact on projects.

Ahuja Concrete is amongst the few RMC companies who would invest in technology to design the best quality Ready mix products. In our endeavour to provide the best quality products and timely delivery.

The escalating scale and growing complexity of ready mixed concrete (RMC) Delivery operations have challenged current methods for monitoring RMC delivery and dispatching transit mixers. Real time data communication from the TM is vital for monitoring the motion and status of the RMC transit mixer.

Ahuja Concrete has state-of-the-art real time Truck Monitoring Systems in all our Trucks. This GPS based system allows the customer know the truck real time location. In addition it also inform the time of truck leaving the premises, time of truck entering the site, truck route, time of delivery, start time and actual time re-entry to plant promises etc..