Using High-Volume Flyash Concrete HVFAC

11 April 18

Here are some benefits of Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC) and High Volume Fly Ash Concrete (HVFAC).

Because of its unique nature, self-consolidating concrete (SCC) has the potential to significantly reduce costs associated with transportation related infrastructure, benefiting both builders and the residents. SCC is a highly flowable, non-segregating concrete that can be placed without any mechanical consolidation, and thus has the following advantages over conventional concrete:

  • Decreased labour and equipment costs during concrete placement
  • Decreased potential for and costs to repair honeycombing and voids
  • Increased production rates of precast and cast in place (CIP) elements
  • Improved finish and appearance of cast and free concrete surfaces.

In addition to SCC, innovative materials, such as high volume fly ash concrete (HVFAC), also provide a significant potential to produce more cost effective mix designs for CIP concrete.

Since the 1930’s, flyash a pozzolanic material has been used as a partial replacement of portland cement in concrete to improve the material’s strength and durability, while also limiting the amount of early heat generation.

From an environmental perspective, replacing cement with fly ash reduces the concrete’s overall carbon footprint and diverts an industrial by product from the solid waste Stream (currently, about 40 percent of fly ash is reclaimed for beneficial reuse and 60 percent is disposed of in landfills).

Based on our in-depth investigation we found the following benefits of HVFAC

  1. Addition of fly ash improves the workability of concrete.
  2. Addition of 50% fly ash reduces 7 day strength by about 20% when compared to control mix. But it acquires strength almost equal to that of control mix at 28 days and attained higher strength thereafter.
  3. All hardened properties are similar for OPCC and HVFAC at 28 days.
  4. The first crack load and ultimate load are more for HVFAC beams with different reinforcement compared to OPCC beams.
  5. The load deflection curve shows that the mid span deflection of HVFAC beams are less when compared to OPCC beams at all load levels.
  6. Cracking behaviour studies indicate that HVFAC beams are more crack free compared to OPCC beams
  7. Cost comparison reveals that site mixed OPC with 50% fly ash concrete is 24% cheaper than OPC concrete.

Whereas Self compacting concrete (SCC) has its own benefits which can be classified as an advanced construction material. The SCC as the name suggests, does not require to be vibrated to achieve full compaction.

Self-compacting concrete has following benefits and advantages over conventional concrete:

  • Improved quality of concrete and reduction of onsite repairs.
  • Faster construction times.
  • Lower overall costs.
  • Facilitation of introduction of automation into concrete construction.
  • Improvement of health and safety is also achieved through elimination of handling of vibrators.
  • Substantial reduction of environmental noise loading on and around a site.
  • Possibilities for utilization of “dusts”, which are currently waste products and which are costly to dispose of.
  • Better surface finishes.
  • Easier placing.
  • Thinner concrete sections.
  • Greater Freedom in Design.
  • Improved durability, and reliability of concrete structures.
  • Ease of placement results in cost savings through reduced equipment and labour requirement.
  • SCC makes the level  of durability and reliability of the structure independent from the existing on – site conditions relate to the quality of  labour, casting and compacting systems available.
  • The high resistance to external segregation and the mixture self  –  compacting ability allow the elimination of macro  –  defects, air bubbles,  and  honey combs responsible for penalizingmechanical performance and structure durability.

We Provide Wide range of concrete mixures according to your need which includes

  • High Early Strength Concrete
  • High Volume Fly Ash Concrete
  • Self Compacting Concrete
  • Light Weight Concrete
  • Fibre Reinforced Concrete
  • Coloured Concrete
  • Water Resistant Concrete

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