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23 May 18

To transform an existing concrete floor, walkway, driveway or patio or some other surface while sticking to a budget, concrete stamping is an excellent solution. Although concrete stamping has been around for years, it remains one of the most popular methods used by do-it-yourselfers to transform what could be potentially dull concrete into something spectacular.

What Is Concrete Stamping?

Concrete stamping is a process used to create a specific texture or pattern in concrete using stamping tools. You can stamp concrete using a variety of tools, including patterned stamps and textured rollers. These tools can create the look of genuine wood, brick, slate, tile, flagstone, cobblestone, and much more. When done right, no one can tell the surface is not a natural material.

Benefits of Concrete Stamping

Concrete stamping offers many benefits, the greatest being the aesthetic transformation.

Affordability – To have natural materials installed is expensive; stamped concrete can create the same look for a much lower price.

Strength and Durability – Concrete stamping makes the project stronger and last longer. Therefore, your patio, pool deck, floor, countertop, driveway, sidewalk, pathway, or other surface will last for many more years beyond the original lifespan.

Stamped Concrete

Gorgeous Color

With concrete stamping, you have the opportunity to choose a beautiful base color along with an accent colors. The base color is the primary color of the stamped concrete. Typically, you want to choose a color that coordinates with the project and complements the style of your home. As an example, if you choose a decorative concrete product from Moon Decorative for a Victorian-style home, you might consider a richer color of red or cinnamon.

Keep in mind that you have many exciting options of added color for concrete stamping products from Moon Decorative. This includes acid stains, powder or liquid integral colors, and surface color hardeners, to name a few. With these products, you will enjoy additional benefits dependent on the primary color chosen. For example, if the color comes from a hardener, the concrete surface will be stronger and more resistant to abrasions and other damage.

You can also choose from a wide variety of accent colors to emphasize the texture created by the stamping. In this case, color comes from color release applied to the concrete, which serves two purposes; color release changes the concrete’s color, and it prevents stamps from sticking to the surface.

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