Future Growth of Concrete Business in India

09 May 16

Future Growth of Concrete Business in India

Concrete is a basic building block. But so far, Indian concrete consumers prefer to make the concrete they use. Ready-mix concrete (RMC) accounts for only 4-7 per cent of the country´s cement consumption whereas 70 per cent of the cement produced in Japan gets consumed by its RMC business. Corresponding conversion ratios are 65 per cent in Europe, 75 per cent in the US and 90 per cent in the UAE.

Bright long-term prospects for all segments of the concrete industry are attracting new players to the fray. Overseas concrete equipment companies that have entered the country include Masa Gmbh, Hess Concrete Machinery Pvt Ltd and Toyoto Forms. And Japan´s KYB Corporation has acquired a 50 per cent stake in Conmat Systems Pvt Ltd.

Future growth of concrete business in India

India has a bright future for concrete in different forms – including concrete blocks, bricks and pavers. Due to infrastructure projects the demand of concrete based projects is also increasing. Government is also focusing on new development of infrastructure projects to give a new direction of economy growth.

Competition is also increasing in the RMC and other concrete products segment. Big players dominating the Indian RMC market are UltraTech, RMC India (Prism Cements), Godrej and Boyce, India Cements, Madras Cements, Lafarge, RDC Concrete, SVM Readymix India, Ahuja Concrete, Ahlcon RMC, IJM Concrete, etc. However, numerous small players have emerged in cities where municipal laws leave construction companies with no choice but to use RMC.

Benefits of using RMC products

Construction companies are ramping up projects for faster completion and handover. This is spurring the RMC industry. Many real-estate developers and some players in the infrastructure and industrial sectors are moving to RMC products owing to time and cost benefits. With RMC, work gets done more speedily because large volumes can be made available in shorter time than concrete mixed at site. What´s more, these batches are of uniform quality, which ensures quality outcomes

Another factor to growth of RMC is especially for environment-friendly. Ready mix solutions – is greater awareness among consumers about the lifecycle costs of the products and their desire to use products that are more green and sustainable.

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